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By Julian

Ω is the story of everything. It is an attempt to render the metanarrative of metamodernity mythopoeically, relating the complexification of the universe and the evolution of consciousness through the domains of Matter, Life, Mind, and Culture


The Ω manuscript is a work written in the form of an illuminated scripture, relating a meditative visionary experience the author had in which he was led through the levels of cosmic complexification by a seraph called Dante. The recto is handwritten calligraphic narrative and the verso is illustration. The journey begins at the Big Bang, passes through the material epoch of elemental development into the epoch in which early life arose, then moves through biological complexification to the emergence of human culture, where cultural evolution is recounted.


The emerging publication features various editorial supplements, including transcription of the text, an audio recording of its reading, and prose paraphrase, as well as a number of reflections from commentarial voices whose relationship to the text range across a diverse "spectrum of interpretation."


It is being published serially online in anticipation of a full print edition.


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