Brendan Graham Dempsey is a writer and artist whose creative and nonfiction works focus on the meaning crisis and the shifting role of spirituality in modernity.


Brendan studied religion and classics at the University of Vermont, where he focused on biblical history. He authored The Combat Myth According to Mark, an academic monograph on the Gospels and comparative mythology, while living in Jerusalem.

Abandoning biblical scholarship in 2011, he spent the next four years in a Burlington-based bohemian artist collective called Aesthesia. While there, he drafted GOD, an epic poem about the death of God in the 20th century and the rebirth of new sacred conceptions in our own.


In 2015, Brendan earned his master's degree in Religion and the Arts from Yale University, studying with poets Christian Wiman and J. D. McClatchy. He holds a Certificate from the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.

Brendan lives in Wolcott, Vermont, where he is writing the Icon, a personal mythology in the form of an annotated spiritual canon spanning multiple volumes and artistic mediums.