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Jul 10, 2022 - Sep 4, 2022

The God Emerging: Spirit, Psyche, and Evolution

  • 57Days


An 8-week seminar exploring the transformation of culture and consciousness through the metamemes (traditional, modern, postmodern, metamodern) via a guided reading of 'The God Emerging.' Discussion topics will include: spiritual autobiography, metamodern mythmaking, the evolution of God-concepts in human development, the relationship of individual and collective consciousness, grieving the death of God, faith and pragmatism, the hero's journey, healing spiritual trauma, metamodern theology, liminal communitas, transcendence and religious reconstruction, spirituality and systems change, and much else. Discussions will use the readings as prompts to explore personal connections to these topics and will be held in weekly Zoom sessions limited to 8 participants. Regular video lectures will supplement the readings and help unpack the text. WEEK 1: Losing Faith (pp. 1-30) WEEK 2: Losing the (Meta)Narrative (pp. 31-58) WEEK 3: Search and Rescue I: God in the Underworld/God’s Conversion (pp. 59-89) WEEK 4: Search and Rescue II: Carrying God/Atonement/Rise (pp. 90-115) WEEK 5: Metamodern Rising (pp. 117-140) WEEK 6: Emergence I (pp. 141-163) WEEK 7: Emergence II (pp. 164-204) WEEK 8: (Relative) Utopia (205-248) More information on 'The God Emerging' can be found here: Flexible pricing available. All proceeds will go to the metamodern library project.



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The God Emerging: Spirit, Psyche, and Evolution

The God Emerging: Spirit, Psyche, and Evolution

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