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In August of 2021, I took the helm at Sky Meadow Retreat in Stannard, Vermont: a 125-acre sanctuary situated deep in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont’s lush Green Mountains. Over the coming years, it's my dream to build a small intentional community here, and establish this beautiful refuge as a hub for spiritual and intellectual development. Sense-making and meaning-making seminars, integral and metamodern group retreats, permaculture and meditation instruction---the possibilities are endless and enticing. 

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The core of the miniature community will be a residency program, in which chosen applicants come to stay for a term (probably the summer season) and share their gifts and labor in exchange for food, housing, and a one-of-a-kind experience living in meditative harmony with Nature. Residents will have their own cabin and contribute to the upkeep and care of the property as part of an immersive philosophical-permaculture initiative. Anticipated responsibilities include helping in the organic gardens, engaging in dia-logos around religious reconstruction, participating in morning meditation, helping prepare the site for visiting retreats/events, and composing/presenting a work of some kind (artistic, philosophical, etc.) to be shared with the community.

Applications are now being accepted for Fall of 2021. If interested, please submit the form below, or email Brendan directly at

Sky Meadow Residency Application

Thanks for submitting!

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