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canto 1: overture:

a eulogy


Spirituality THROUGH Nihilism

w/Kellan D L Head

Episode 2

Nietzsche, Wagner,

and the Fraught

Modern Search for

New Mythologies


Brendan Graham Dempsey

Daniel McGrew

in my view, nothing could be more urgent. that's why my work is dedicated to helping reconnect the creative and the spiritual, the imagination and the urgent quest for Meaning in contemporary society. this is something I'm pursuing at all levels:

i hope there's something here you can connect with, something you find meaningful--something to help you make your meaning, and make it beautiful.


After Postmodernism

EP#1: What (Really) Was Postmodernism?

After Postmodernism

EP#2: The End of an Era

Personal Mythology

EP#1: Meaning in Life after the 'Death of God'

After Postmodernism

EP#3: Spirit and the Specter of Identity

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